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Why Recognize?

Scouts Canada is a volunteer-led organization. And so we depend on volunteers to be there to lead the programs. Volunteers are motivated by the pleasure that they, themselves, get from running a good quality program. So why recognize them for their good work?

  • It lets the leader know that he or she is doing a great job.
  • It encourages other leaders to follow his or her example
  • and most importantly, it's a way of saying "thank-you".

Who Do We Recognize?

  • We recognize people who have just joined -- with a Warrant of Appointment
  • We recognize leaders who have served for a number of years, with 5, 10, 15- year (and so on) pins and awards.
  • We recognize leaders who have done a exeptional job -- with the Medal of Good Service, the Medal of Merit, and other awards. Those are listed here (link).
  • We recognize youth who have shown exceptional leadership -- with the Medal of the Maple (this is award by other youth members)
  • We recognize individuals who have acted decisively, sometimes even heroically, and sometimes having to overcome handicaps.
  • And we recognize the parents, community members, donors and others who help us along the way.

Who Does Recognition?

Recognition is every member's responsibility. That means that it is up to each of us to be aware of who has provided service, who has done a good job. Your Group Committee may have a person specifically assigned to coordinate recognition, or this may rest with the Group Commissioner. But that doesn't take away from each leader's responsibility to provide that Coordinator (or the GC) with the feedback and the report that helps them to be aware, to prepare, and to submit writups. Our Recognition Guide can be found here.

 Click here to say "THANKS" and to recognize a Program Leader and/or a Volunteer.


Council Commissioner's Adventure Award

This award is designed to keep the "OUT" in Scouting and therefore applicants are advised to plan their activities around the outdoor.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact William Chan through

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