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Volunteer Training Courses

Scouts Canada and Pacific Coast Council offer a number of training courses for new volunteer Scouters and volunteers looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Many of these can be taken either through “live” in-person courses or online via Scouts Canada’s David Huestis Learning Centre (a new e-Learning Platform)

To see the list of “live” in-person courses, click HERE

To access e-Learning follow the following steps:

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on "Training" on the horizontal bar
  3. Click on "David Huestis Learning Centre"

Further details on Scouter Training can be found here.

UPCOMING: Wood Badge 1 Basic Leader Training for Company & Crew - Sept 26th 2015. Click here for more info


The 4 Levels of Scouter Training:


  • All new volunteers must complete the new Module 1 online through the David Huestis Learning Centre as part of becoming “Active”
  • This new Module 1 contains 7 sessions. These sessions provide information on accessibility, ongoing safety, support networks and tips for how to be successful in your new role.
  • This module should take 2.5 hrs to complete.

2) BASIC TRAINING – Wood Badge 1

  • Wood Badge 1 provides the specialized training you need to perform in the different roles in Scouting. 
  • Separate courses are offered for: Beavers to Rovers, Group Committee Members & Group Commissioners
  • ALL volunteers must complete the Wood Badge 1 course appropriate to their role as soon as possible within their first year in Scouting, and within the first year of taking on any additional roles. 
  • All courses except the Group Committee one are offered as “Live” in-person courses, and all courses except the Group Commissioner one are offered through e-Learning.
  • On completion, the Volunteer receives a Training Certificate plus the woven leather Wood Badge woggle.  If a volunteer completes additional Wood Badge 1 courses, they then receive additional Training Certificates but not an additional woggle.


  • Wood Badge 2 is for Volunteers in Colony, Pack, Troop, Company or Crew who want to acquire more advanced skills and knowledge for working with one of the five youth programs.  Separate courses are offered for each program. 
  • A Volunteer usually takes Wood Badge 2 after completing about one year working with one of the youth programs, and after completing the appropriate Wood Badge 1.
  • The minimum age is 14, and Group Commissioner approval is needed to take the course.
  • Wood Badge 2 courses are offered once or twice per year, and only on a “Live”, in-person basis.
  • On completion, the Volunteer receives a Training Certificate plus the Gilwell neckerchief and the two Wood Badge beads on a leather thong.


Examples of courses include:

  • Standard First Aid, “Live” in-person training only
  • Food Safe, “Live” in-person training only
  • Group Treasurer Workshop, “Live” in-person training only
  • Interview Training, through e-Learning only

Here's How to Add Training Records on

Here's How to Access Training Modules on

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