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Burnaby Area Quartermaster Carriage House

If you need equipment to run your Section or Group camping and/or activities and don’t want to spend the money to procure it, then the Carriage House would be the place where you should visit to rent or borrow the scouting equipment and tools that would meet your needs.

The Carriage House is managed by a dedicated group of Burnaby Area volunteers under the leadership of Gordon Tilley, Quarter Master.


Friday January 12th 2018

On Friday January 12th in the early morning a fire broke out at Carriage House. As of right now Carriage House is CLOSED until further notice until the fire crew and other organisatons can complete a full investigation. We appreciate your patience during this time 

If you have recently booked equipment , have equipment out, or have booked equipment for a future event  please contact Gord Tilley immediately:

604 291 1319

Email :

Alternative number : 604 614 6576




Burnaby Carriage House, across from Burnaby Art Gallery and the Burnaby RCMP at Deer Lake Park

Equipment A to Z

A     axes & archery

B     barrels & BBQ's

C     cots & coolers

D     dishes

E      electric lights

F      flies

G     generators

H     handicrafts

I       irons, branding

J      juice jugs

K     kitchen sink

L      lanterns

M    marquis

N     nets

O     obstacle course

P     pots & pans

Q     quivers

R     ropes

S      snowshoes & stoves

T      tarps & tents

U     umbrella tents

V     visors

W    water jugs

X     'xtension cords

Y      YNOT try us?

Z      zebra wax!!

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