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the country's leading youth organization. For more than 100 years, we have brought a world of adventure, outdoor experience and friendship to 17 million Canadian youth.

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Thursday March 19th, 2020
Dear Scouters:

It is my sincere pleasure to announce the appointment of Alexander (AJ) Mendes as the Council Youth Commissioner for Pacific Coast Council, effective today.

Alexander is going into his 11th year of scouting with the 1st West Vancouver Group. In his Scouting career he took on the roles of: Assistant Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader and finally Senior Patrol Leader, achieving his Chief Scouts Award, with many describing him as optimistic and resourceful. He’s grown through the many opportunities presented in Scouts, always stepping up to the plate as a leader.  As Council Youth Commissioner he hopes to inspire youth to be their best throughout the council.

Outside of scouting, Alex enjoys academic pursuits and is a member of many other volunteer organizations such as: the West Vancouver Youth Philanthropy Council, the Sea-to-Sky Constituency Youth Council and his local Electoral District Association.

Alexander is very motivated to continue growing youth involvement alongside the rest of the Council Key Three in Pacific Coast Council. He looks forward to continuing to develop stronger groups in the Council.

Alexander can be reached at

Please join me in thanking Vincent Wong who has finished his term as Council Youth Commissioner.  Vincent, thank you for your service to the council and we wish you well in your next adventures! Welcome AJ!

Yours in Scouting,

Annabelle Loder

National Youth Commissioner

June 15, 2019:

28th Annual Pacific Coast Council Chief Scouts Award Ceremony 


On June 15, 2019 at the Jewish Community Center, the Pacific Coast Council recognized 80 youth members’ hard work and celebrated their achievements during the annual Chief Scouts Award Ceremony. The award was presented to the recipient by Honourable Kenneth W Ball, Judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. We thank all the Troop Scouters and Group Commissioners who dedicated their time and energy in mentoring and coaching these youths and helped them attained the Troop Top Section Awards. Congratulations to all the award recipients and our sincere thanks to all who made this event possible.

Message from Pacific Coast Council Commissioner, John Geyer, to our youth

Chief Scout Award Recipients,

It was my honour and joy to be able to share this very special milestone in your life; a day that I hope that you will cherish and long remember as the culmination of much dedication, perseverance, and character building that enabled you to reach the highest rank in Scouts.  You have summited the highest peak and are among the few scouts to reach this pinnacle of success.

The Chief Scouts Award is an achievement that I encourage you not to underestimate in its importance.  The award is more than the certificate, the pin, the school credit and acknowledgement; it is the culmination of a process that helps to form who you are, what you value and your drive to excel.   

For it is through the process that you undertook to achieve your award, that you grew, and further embodied the values at the heart of Scouting.  Values that will serve you as you climb even higher peaks in Venturers, Rovers and certainly in your adult life and careers as well.  

These values come from our Scout law, Scout promise and from the whole of the scouting movement.  As you accept your award, I would encourage you to reflect upon these values, and return to them often, as they are values that are timeless and will always serve to guide you well.  

The Scouts Law; 

A Scouter is Helpful and Trustworthy 

These values set Scouts apart. Scouts are helpful.  To our communities, to our family and to our patrols.  If a scout should have difficulty, we help them succeed.  They are not cut from the team, but rather encouraged.  A Scout is trustworthy and can be depended on to do what they say.  

These two traits are underscored by a foundation of loyalty.  We are there for others.  As you grow older, I encourage you to cherish this when you find it and give when warranted.

Kind and Cheerful

A scout is kind to all.  A scout is cheerful - even when it's hot and you're hiking the Grouse Grind or it is cold and rainy every day while you're camp.  It is easy to have these traits when life is easy.  It takes courage to be kind and cheerful at times of adversity and stress, yet this is the time to shine. 

Considerate and Clean

A scout is considerate, we strive to learn more, listen more and be empathic to others and consider who they are may help shape how their viewpoint and learn from them.  A scout is clean in mind, body and spirit.  We keep ourselves and our environment clean and watch what we choose to put into our bodies to stay healthy and strong.  In all, we respect others as well as ourselves.  I encourage you to continually develop your self-respect.  It is a trait that will serve you well as you go through life and give strength to make the right choices in difficult situations. 

and Wise in the use of all resources.

A scouter is wise with the use of their time, money, material goods, and energy. I would encourage you to also value the "credits" you deposit in emotional bank accounts.  Positive affirmations, compliments, and caring about others and their issues.  These form the basis of meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your friends, family and your Scout family.  

From today onwards, you are a leader in Scouts.  You are part of a family of Scouts no matter where you may go in your life.  Across Canada, to the US, to Europe, Australia or Asia, there are Scouts there to welcome you.  We are all part of One Scouts.  

In closing, I would like to share with you a quote from an awarding winning Canadian another, Richard Wagamese, 

"Life sometimes is hard. There are challenges. There are difficulties. There is pain. As a younger [person], I sought to avoid them and only ever caused myself more of the same. These days I choose to face life head on--and I have become a comet. I arc across the sky of my life and the harder times are the friction that lets the worn and tired bits drop away. It's a good way to travel; eventually, I will wear away all resistance until all there is left of me is light. I can live towards that end." 

--Richard Wagamese, Embers

So as you take your next steps and bag even higher peaks, I hope that you will be courageous enough to let go of the things that weigh you down, find respect for yourself and others to stand in your truth and become the light to guide yourself and others in the good... and especially... the hard times that will come on your journey.

You are all an inspiration and it is truly my privilege to serve as your Council Commissioner.  For this, I thank you for your dedication to Scouts and look very much forward to seeing what next summits you will ascend. 


John Geyer


Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, offers seven challenging programs for boys, girls and youth age 5-26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada. Over 74,000 young people enjoy Scouts Canada’s programs, which are provided by 23,000 caring and dedicated volunteers. Scouts Canada’s national office is located in Ottawa.

Scouts Canada is a not-for-profit organization (Charitable Registration No. 10776 1694 RR0028) and a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, offers challenging programs for boys, girls and youth age 5-26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada.

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